Future of iCrafted part 2 – June 2018

Government • June 22, 2018 0

Hi all,

Currently we are testing the newest version of FTB Revelation which is quite changed in the latest release. We have to reset the world due to breaking changes and the addition of EnderIO 1.12!

But as you already might know is that the previous version of Revelation had some issues with the integration of Sponge. We hoped that this would’ve be fixed in the latest Forge and Sponge versions but it still occurred on the server. This is why we decided to shutdown our Infinity Evolved server and place the Revelation environment on it. Until now the issue has been solved, but just to be sure you can create a topic in the correct forum to gain beta access to the server!

Future of Infinity Evolved?

As mentioned above is that its currently just temporarily, but this could change in favor of the Revelation server since the modpack is nearly the same but based on the latest Minecraft version available. As you might know is that we want to deliver you the best experience ever!

Wait, in the last post you mentioned the shutdown of SkyFactory 3

Thats correct! But due to the current players active on the server we decided to keep the server as-is. There will come a time that this server will be shutdown and make some room for another great pack (perhaps SkyFactory 4 when it comes out?!). But please continue to build some great islands!

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