iCrafted News: October 2018

Government • October 9, 2018 0

Last month we told you that we where going to do a overhaul that would change iCrafted a little.

We are happy to announce we have also a few new modpacks for you to enjoy! You can join our journey on our StoneBlock or Continuum servers next to the Revelation and SkyFactory 3 we already had! This totals to 4 servers to enjoy in our network. The new servers and the Revelation modpack are using our new configuration which means that everythings is better configured and easier to maintain for us.

You can join the servers using the following hostnames:

SkyFactory 3 – sf3.icrafted.eu
Revelation – rev.icrafted.eu
StoneBlock – stone.icrafted.eu
Continuum – con.icrafted.eu

As you might know we also promised more stuff to come but this will happen in a other ‘sprint’!

Most important changes:

  • Network wide economy;
  • New (free) ranks and perks;
  • New voting features;
  • Bonus kits from time to time (they will be different per server);
  • More to come! We are still thinking…

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