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Government • September 18, 2018 2

Dear iCrafted Community

It has been a while since our last news item because we all where busy with other stuff (real life etc).

But we are back! And we will make iCrafted great again ;)!

From now till the end of the year  we will be busy with a entire overhaul of iCrafted which will make it more enjoyable for you to play on! We will introduce network wide features such as the long promised economy. Since it will be available across all of our servers you are able to sell stuff on server1 and use the currency on server2 to get more blocks to claim!

First steps:

In a few days we will migrate the SkyFactory 3 server to our new platform so we can assure the stability (current firewall is buggy.. :'()! During this migration we will also install a few new plugins where we start to change iCrafted to the new setting.

After we’ve done this we will upgrade our Revelation server to the latest version (2.4.1) and entirely reset the world so everyone can start again. The server will remain in beta status during the rest of the year where we can test new plugins and create a base template for our upcoming servers!

Most important changes:

  • AFK players will get kicked automatically after a certain time;
  • Network wide economy;
  • New (free) ranks and perks;
  • New voting features;
  • Bonus kits from time to time (they will be different per server);
  • More to come! We are still thinking…

All servers will be affected by these changes but we will try to spare the SkyFactory 3 server since it had its reset a few weeks ago.

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YES finally, by the way, will the “special” receive sth?


What do you mean?