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Lionear • November 16, 2017 0

Hi all,

I have some important news regarding our FTB Beyond server.

From Sunday (November 26th) we will close our FTB Beyond server and relocate those resources with FTB Horizons III pack which is based on Minecraft 1.12 and is the first stable modpack in this version.

For those who are interested in the Beyond map, A week after the closing of the server we will give the entire map to you as a download from our central data storage so you can enjoy it in a singleplayer instance.

Ofcourse we are very sorry for the player who have enjoyed to play at our Beyond server but we had no active players in the past few weeks and  to be honest, active players are mandatory to maintain the server.

If you have suggestions or questions about this change, feel free to create a topic on our forum.

With kind regards,

– Owner iCrafted

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