iCrafted doesn’t rely on donations but you are always free to help us pay the bills for the server and additional backup storage.

Since iCrafted is an private hosting environment which is fully maintained by Lionear and raymondkrah we don’t have the abilities which you would have on shared hosting environments. But we have full access to the entire server and resources we might need to allocate.

With your donation we can add extra features an maybe even extra servers for the other mods FTB supplies to the community.

Your donation will be directly used to pay the bills for the server, website and the external backup storage.

You can donate through PayPal by sending money to, please supply your ingame username so we can grant you extra features such as the /back functionality and an nice tag!

Why should I donate?

As we already stated we do not rely on donations.

However, an donation will help us to pay the bills we have each month.
Because the server costs money and also our external backup solution is not free.

You can easily donate through PayPal by sending us any amount you can miss!

Our PayPal address is