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i lost my gear/ my gear got stolen

when i was playing i had draconium gear on. after a time i saw potions being droped on me and all my draconium gear dropped i managed to get my leggings but the rest was gone this happend to drumcrafter just a few minutes before me. the only ones on the server at that time was me Royova, Drumcrafter who was afk and Amocko_der_Fisch. i was on discord with drumcrafter and he was gone for a minute hat`s why he was afk.

Dear Royova,

Firstly, I'm sorry for any inconvenience and delay. I've had drumcrafter personally message me via discord and currently looking into this for you both.

The staff will get to the bottom of this ASAP and you'll have your items back in no time 😊

I'm sorry for the lose of your items and the more difficult gaming experience while we look into this.

Enjoy your gaming time, Don't due to much now 😊

Best regards,


just a minute ago it happend again my draconium shovel what i just made droped out of my hands without me touching the keyboard 🙁 maybe this is something to do with draconium gear. but after all i am glad you are looking into this

kind regards



no my sword is gone to this is not funny anymore the only one on the server is  Amocko_der_Fisch and i don`t want to blame anyone  but no one else was on the server

Ok I don't know if it was Amocko_der_Fish but thanks for the report.

I've granted you the Wyvern Head, Chest, Boots and Sword. Its in a chest at your base (near the ME Terminal)

thanks to the staff