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I was grieved and now the server is unplayable for me

Recently I got Demon Grunts spawning in my base, mobs who only spawn from Demon invasions. I got killed by one and none and when I opened my grave everything popped out but upon hearing it enter my inventory only my mana tablet remained, the rest disappeared. Lionel helped me get my stuff back, but not long after the real suspicious things happened. I was building my base when Amocko_der_Fisch taglocked me (witchery), he was invisible. Not long after I got constant debuffs (slowness, mining fatigue, etc.). This was Amocko_der_Fisch cursing me using witchery, I asked him to stop. Now the demon spawning didn't stop and eventually I got killed again and my stuff is again gone. I stopped playing yesterday but today tried it again. My base is swarmed with demon grunts ( 200hp, 8 damage attack), the debuffs haven't stopped and exploding chickens are raining from the sky. Sooooo, unplayable base. Amcko_der_Fish is the only one who knows were our base is and who sufficiently advanced in witchery. I also did some research, in this topic ( ) rovoya discribes how he and Drumcrafter got hit by a splash potion and got their draconium gear destroyed. At the time their were several people online but the second instance of this happening was only Amocko_der_Fish online. The potion that hit them was a brew of erosion, from witchery! This potion dissolves blocks, damage creatures and players (melt their armor and weapons).

Lastly the demon spawning happened after Amocko_der_Fisch came to our base for the first time to give my brother a dragon egg. The demon spawning is caused by a ritual of demon invasion. I would like a copy of the server to see if I can't find the location of this ritual altar/portal.

Soo, this is my statement. The previous described events are undeniably linked to Amocko_der_Fish. He didn't just prank, but he grieved us in tremendous annoying ways! You say that grieving isn't taken lightly and I request you do so. I ask for Amocko_der_Fish to get banned from the server, indefinitely would be nice. I'm normally a forgiving person but this grieving is just overkill.

With king regards,


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Well, this problem seems to be fixed now with Amocko gone. Happy holliay's!