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I'm an idiot (Dropped my Staff)

Long story short, I was mining Dracoium Ore around the chaos islands.

I was under the island looking for some, when I supposedly alt-tabbed (which I didn't) and searched for quest (begins with q)

What I didn't realize was that I had just dropped my Staff of Power into the void of the end.

This happen around 16-02-2018 : 01:00-01:007

My request is to maybe get a new Staff of Power (or the same one since it was enchanted and upgraded like hell)


I'll be on tomorrow (16-02-2018)

This is all in IF btw.

Hey MoellerPoeller,

Due to the circumstances of the accident being yourself and wasn't exactly a bug, I don't think it would be a wise idea if I refunded the item, no matter how expensive it is. If the owner (Lion) is against what I think then I will refund you but we've all had accidents and mistakes but gives you something todo and grind for in the meantime:D

Best Regards,


I only can agree with iMineGod since its not a bug but your own fault we simply cant refund it. Then all the players who would die in the End (falling in the void) would want to have a refund of their stuff and so on.

Have fun grinding the needed resources and create your own new Staff of Power ;).

can i ask here

server need whitelist now?, i cant connect to revelation

Quote from zephyr14z on February 20, 2018, 09:34

can i ask here

server need whitelist now?, i cant connect to revelation

Normally you should create a new topic ;).

Only the Revelation server is whitelisted for now, as you can see on our website we didn't announce it yet due to issues we have with the plugins we need to use.

I hope that we can give everyone a answer soon about this.