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In this forum we want to know what modpacks or even individual mods you like.

We want to know this from you as a player to optimize the selection of modpacks we use on the servers.
Or maybe in the future to build an own modpack filled with suggestions and discussions from the icrafted community, a modpack build with players for the players.

It would be a great help if when you post a mod or modpack, include the link to it, so we can look into it.

Well, Hello there.
I love "HQM".. I tried almost all of mod packs with "HQM" included and I might say, I prefer skyblock-like mod packs. "Draconic Evolution" is one of my favourite too. Also "Inventory tweaks", "NEI",  "Chisel 2" and  "Chisels and bits" are important for me.. "Applied energistics" or "Refined storage".. one of them just MUST be in pack too 😀

"HQM" is absolutely do-able in a self made modpack. But the biggest issue then will be that someone or multiple persons has to keep track of what quests are in the quest log and will have to add some quests each update.

Think we can agree that some mods are mandatory such as:

  • Draconic Evolution
  • Inventory Tweaks (or the other one)
  • NEI / JEI
  • Chisel 2
  • Chisel & Bits
  • Applied Energistics 2 / Refined Storage

But I believe that something like Infinity Evolved for Minecraft 1.10 or 1.12 would  be real fun. Since Beyond was something entirely different and that Direwolf20 is likewise but also not the same... It misses the lore which Infinity always had.

Perhaps its something we can make with the community in the future so we have a own modpack and server. But I really hope more players will start replying in this topic since its a part of our future!

Looks like i didn't answer this post before, time to fix this mistake.

My favourite solo modpack was the material energy serie, but it's pretty old now. But it was purely solo, with lot of HQM quests.

I tryed and "finish" lot of Quests based modpacks. But solo play is pretty boring.

I just looked at Sevtech: Ages, i think it could be a fun pack. You can make team, starting in stone age to finish in space.

I think it could be fun to have some pre-register, make random team, and launch a race to see wich team is the first to finish the quests. No idea if it's possible, but it should be pretty funny and challenging.

Concerning mods, i agree with the previous list, (even if i don't really care about chisel, because all my bases are ugly),  i think thermal foundation, immersive engineering and industrial craft are good too. Some good power generation mod ( nuclear powwweeerrrr!!!) is also needed. Tinker is always usefull too 🙂