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i fucked my 16x16 colossal chest with a lot of item at 2018.06.18 23:50 . Aroand 20k items on the floar . Sorry i think u should set back older backups!


Hello @borzig11,

What did you do? Because if its a user fault we need to be careful what we do because rollbacks do affect other players also.

But I also have a question, did you ever read the banned items list? Since the Colossal Chests are banned on our SF3 server ;).


Sad i didnt read it! Accidently i broke the chest core instead of interface

Well shit happens, but I don't know what happens when you destroy the core of the Colossal Chest. But I would almost suggest you to create a RefinedStorage construction and start over because you are advanced some more.

If really needed we will think about a rollback on your base but this will take a while.

Okay thank you and sorry !

No problem! But I want to know what you are going to do now, this to determine what is needed to do and to discuss it with the team.

Good news, for this time we will restore your base. But as mentioned this will happen on a later moment due to the fact we have to work :).

I will restore your base with a older backup +/- 22.30 (GMT+1, Amsterdam time). But this is the first and last time I will do this. I also want you to create a RefinedStorage system to store all the stuff from your Colossal Chest which needs to be removed from your island at the end of this week!

i dont know what would be the best.. 🙁 I just know there are so much item.

Thanks !

oh u banned me? Is it just for some our or for ever?