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Skyfactory 3 can't login

I've tried a lot of times to get on sky factory server but every time says that there's an error, failed to join the server.
I've tried on others servers but they works fine pls help me

Hey max,

Is this still happening?

Best regards,


yes is still happening I don't know the cause
but there's a guy: Kaptain_UBrot he is in the server 6 days almost 7
I've never seen him before maybe he is the cause (checked the stats and he doesn't have any skin)

Could you check again?

Server was out of memory and didn't had the time to fix, sorry 🙁

now it works But now I have another problem
I can't build /generate anything I mean I just entered the server and there was a skeleton so I died to reset mobs
when I was searching for the grave I've to notice that I can't find it
also, I can't break or build in my own island =(