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Staff Application

Hi! My name is Yark (IGN : AimingOnAPotato) I've been playing on the server since 4-16-2018. I've been staff on plenty of unpopular servers (Alot of the servers were mine and my friend' s) Why i wanna apply for staff?. I wanna apply for staff because i like the people on the server and in the community there are alot of nice people. This is also my first ever time playing sky factory so i dont know everything but i know some stuff. I've watched alot of video' s of sky factory (All 4 seasons of Ssundee' s Sky factory)

Last word : I really enjoy playing on the server and invited my friend to play with me and even got him a minecraft account just for this server 😀 Keep up the good work! -Yark

Could you please fill in the official application form. I will close this forum 🙂