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votes lost

i voted 3 times yesterday and sites got cooldown but votes not arrived on icrafted

This could be due to an hickup from our server. Sorry, but can't fix this afterwards.


Sorry but we suffered some strange freezes on our FTB end which we can't explain.

i hope game map wipe help,

radical remedy : )

Quote from zephyr14z on March 11, 2017, 08:55

i hope game map wipe help, radical remedy : )

Well thats something we absolutely don't want to do, but the fact is that the current issues are costing us players which is something I don't wanna have... iCrafted is always doings its best to gain the best and stable solution and I'm sure we will do now!

last days i vote, but nothing come to icrafted

The mechanism of voting has changed some time ago.

You won't receive ingame items anymore but you will get Coins, when you login to our website its at the top left of the black bar.
We will introduce an ingame store soon so you can use it for items on all of our servers.


now i find another issue 😉

We’ve recently changed the rewards which you can get with voting, now its 5 coins each vote each day. This means that you can get up to 35 coins each day if you vote for all the sites below here.


- ftbservers allow 2 voting per day for 1 user, so available for taking max 30 points per day


I know its a late answer, but ok.

That is not an issue, its just that promisses something that will just not work. Its just what we stated on our website its an max of 35 coins each day.