Banned Items

To keep our server stable during your gameplay we have to ban some of the lag creating items or limit them! But as you know we try to keep the banned items as minimal as possible. Its also possible that an item has been banned or limited due to unfair gameplay.

If you have any suggestions please post them on our forum.

This list will be updated soon with new items. IC2 Reactor has been allowed once again!

Limited items

  • RFtools Dimensions
    • Max 1 per player, also try to keep is as simple as possible

Banned items

  • BC Quarry – Causes server lag
  • IC2 Nukes
  • Sacred Rubber Saplings – Don’t use them!
  • Mega Rubber Saplings – Don’t use them!
  • Mystcraft
  • Funky Locomotion (Entire Mod)
  • Portal Gun