Future of iCrafted – April 2018

Government • April 17, 2018 0

Dear players,

I’ve noticed that many players left our network so most of our servers are unused which is a shame in my opinion so I wanted to let you know we will have to change some stuff on our network to make our network nice again.

Servers we will remove from our network as-of Saturday 28th of April:

  • Direwolf20
  • SkyFactory 3

Servers we will give a world reset as-of Saturday 28th of April:

  • Infinity Evolved

Other upcoming changes in 2018

Eventually we will activate the whitelist on all of our servers, which means a registered account on our website will be needed to play on our network. This way we have more control over the servers and the players who are connecting to them!

A few months ago we asked you to think with us about a custom modpack created by iCrafted, we still consider this as a thing we could do but please leave your comment behind at the topic and help us to achieve it!


We hope to see you on the servers which will remain online! Thank you for the support and have fun!

With kind regards,
The iCrafted-team

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