Goodbye 2017! Hello 2018!

Government • January 1, 2018 0

Happy New Year all! We left 2017 behind with alot of good stuff happening to iCrafted and that all due to the great community we have!

We grew from just 1 server (Infinity Evolved 2.6.0) to 3 servers to play on! iCrafted always depends on the community and thats why I’m happy that we made it through 2017 and I hope we will have a great 2018.
We are looking into some changes for our server which will benefit your gameplay on our servers.

We still need your input to see what we could add to our community. This way we can see what we can do in this brand new year and we know your thoughts!

We all wish you a good and healthy 2018!

Best regards,

The iCrafted-staff

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