New Staffmember: Miepje_

Lionear • November 14, 2017 0

Recently Miepje_ (Leanne) was invited to our team as a Jr.Mod and here is a short introduction:

Hey there!

I am Leanne, one of the newest Jr. Mods for iCrafted. My name on Minecraft is Miepje_, you can only find me on Infinity lately. I am 25 years young and live in The Netherlands. The biggest reason why I am here, is for you to ask questions or if you have a complaint, you can also come to me. I am not the typical Mod – because I am not into all the technical stuff, so if something is broken you are in the wrong to ask me for help (haha, but no seriously). Feel free to send me a message on Discord. Even when I am offline, there is a big possibility that I am there.

Please give her a warm welcome!

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