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Lionear • September 29, 2017 0

It’s been a while since our last post but we are still alive and our community is still growing! As you might have seen or heard we are going to make some changes on our servers which involves in some cases a entire world reset. I’ve specified per server what actions are going to be done, please note that not all the information is here yet!

SkyFactory 3

This server will get a entire world wipe, meaning that all the progress our players made will be lost. We will also change quite a lot in the configuration. With this changes we will try to eliminate the huge lag on our server.

Small heads-up of the changes:

  1. Update SF3 to version 3.0.15
  2. Chickensmod & More Chickens will be banned entirely;
  3. The RefinedStorage Crafter will be banned due to lag generation;
  4. Chunk Loader (ChickenChunks) will be uncraftable and only obtainable for good reasons trough the staff (later on via the site)

More changes will be announced!

Infinity Evolved

This server will not get that many big changes. But Infinity Evolved will be updated to 3.0.1 so it is on the latest release.
The biggest change is that we will say goodbye to the MyTown plugin and add the GriefPrevention plugin which we already know from our SkyFactory 3 and Beyond servers. This server will also get a world reset. Besides the land claiming plugin we also disabled PortalGun which can be used for griefing!


Currently we don’t plan to reset anything on our Beyond server yet. But it will be updated within a few weeks to the latest version 1.11.0. The server update was just released and we still are waiting for the release notes.


At this moment our staff is not that active on our network except for raff96. We want to thank him for his hard work on our network and hereby officially announce that his staff rank will be changed to Mod. Congratulations!

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