Update about the SF3 update / reset

Lionear • October 12, 2017 0

As you might know we planned to update and reset the SkyFactory 3 world but we still didn’t announce when we are going to do this.

The reason is fairly simple:

In the newest version of SkyFactory 3 we are currently unable to give you the protection as we can do on the version we run. We have to see where the issues are coming from and how we can fix them. However this takes a lot of time to finish and we do this in our spare time. Hope you guys can understand that!

But, since we just want to continue I have the following solution so you guys can start over in a new world:

We can reset the world in the current version 3.0.13 so you guys can start building your new bases. Of course this will also mean that the rules and allowed items will be changed to the original plan. Such as no more craftable chunkloaders (you can get them trough our staff).

Please vote below if you like this plan!

Reset the SF3 World in 3.0.13

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